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How Paynetics adds value: higher liquidity and lower costs

Our goal is to offer a frictionless payment experience to our partners and provide end-to-end payment and banking solutions from one trusted partner. Since money transfers play a key role in the process we have built our own infrastructure to accommodate that. We provide our partners with access to a very broad, reliable, flexible and secure fintech payment infrastructure to move funds. As a principal member of SEPA, Faster payments and SWIFT, we execute online money transfers instantly, allowing our customers to expediently execute their orders. Euros within the Single European Payment Area (SEPA) are transferred through our direct clearing participation, which saves money and time on European transfers. Pounds are executed primarily via Faster Payments and alternatively via CHAPS or BACS. Payments outside the SEPA are made via the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications system (SWIFT).

Principal member of:

How do Paynetics’ money

transfers work

Paynetics offers convenient and reliable ways to send and receive payments from anywhere and in multiple ways. We support our partners and their clients to improve liquidity, streamline working capital and ultimately reduce costs, safeguarding a secure, flexible, and reliable payment infrastructure.

 Paynetics provides settlements in different currencies and different payment options. Our clients are able to make a range of transfers: SEPA, International, Internal, Batch payments, Peer-To-Peer, Pay by Link, QR Pay, Card Loading, Direct Debit and Payment Card.

Our payment infrastructure is plugged directly into a number of settlement systems. As a member and direct participant in SEPA, we offer our partners the ability to route EUR payments quickly and expediently. Direct SEPA payments reduce costs and improves time to cash for merchants. We support multiple SEPA products, including SEPA Credit, Direct Debit and SEPA Instant.

 We are also participants in a number of local settlement networks which allows us to perform efficient transfers in other European currencies. The ability to settle in multiple currencies through local schemes reduces friction in the transfer of funds and significantly improves the value proposition of our partners to their merchant clients. It is also key in streamlining payouts in B2C models.


Settlement in various currencies and multiple payment options


Principal member and directly plugged into SEPA and SWIFT


Provides settlements in EUR, GBP, USD[1] , BGN in like-for-like format

Advantages of making

money transfers with Paynetics

Streamlined API based process

  • Quick payment processing under a fully automatic procedure
  • 100% digital – no need to manual entry of payment instructions

  • Secure and AML compliant

  • Support cross-border money transfers
  • Local currency settlement

Money transfers within your product

with our Embedded Finance Suite

Our Embedded Finance Suite allows our partners to automate their transfers and to receive real-time information about transaction history and balances via simple to use and secure APIs. The platform is a  highly configurable and feature-rich end-to-end banking and payments solution, which empowers our partners to build their propositions and to efficiently monitor and manage their payments.

Money transfers in your white-label

finance super app

Money transfers for your merchants

using our payments acquiring

For our PSP and ISO partners and their merchants, integrating money transfers into the flow means shorter settlement times, better control over cash-flow and ultimately, enhanced profitability.

Money transfers are part

of the bigger picture

Connecting money transfers to our card issuing services available in our Embedded Finance and White Label Financial Super App products has resulted in making our physical and virtual cards bankable. Enabling transfers out of payment cards enriches the value proposition and creates new opportunities for product innovation, improving the economics for both top-ups and pay-outs.

We have also linked money transfers to the QR payment rails which are part of our White Label Financial Super App. Using the QR interface for money transfers speeds up checkout, reduces transaction costs and ensure a superior user experience.