Card issuing

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Card issuing


As a principal member of Visa and Mastercard, Paynetics offers the full range of products of these two card schemes. Our card issuing programs are fully customisable to your business needs. Superior rule settings give you full control over issued cards whilst customised card designs enhance your brand and create the perfect payment experience.


Full range of payment cards – plastic, virtual or digitized, prepaid, debit, credit or business


Co-branding and flexible rule settings to enhance your brand and drive business growth


Benefit from our wide range of additional payment products

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A partnership-led approach to card issuing

Paynetics enables program managers to provide a superior product to their end clients. As an end-to-end payment service provider, we seek to fully understand your value proposition and enhance your customer’s experience with our payment solutions.

We operate in a wide range of verticals with numerous business cases, addressing specific pain points:

  • Consumer convenience - gift cards and general use cards
  • Identify and security concerns - online virtual cards only to support e-commerce shopping experience, FX cards, single use cards
  • Digital products and distribution – including mobile top-ups and products for the gamers
  • Underserved and unbanked – addresses the needs of consumers outside the banking sector
  • Electronic payments– government disbursement, food vouchers, payroll incentives
  • Technology – virtual cards to serve the increased need for Card No Present (CNP) payments
  • Global work force needs – remittance
  • Children and underage needs – pre-pay cards for children and teenagers
  • Digital assets – serving those involved in cryptocurrency
  • Gig economy – payment cards for freelancers
  • Gaming – cards for payouts

Onboarding and program control

Our API platform ensures a quick on-boarding and efficient data exchange between systems for Paynetics and our partners. In addition to the fully digital onboarding process, it also covers compliance, risk analysis and monitoring.

Our issuing infrastructure is built on a modular principle to provide maximum flexibility in terms of parameter settings. Our partners are able to set different limits and controls, customized hierarchy, multiple products, different pricing levels.

Once the program is up and running our partners benefit from an uninterrupted access to data, enhancing operational excellence and allowing them to have attractive propositions to their end clients. We have adopted the latest security standards, ensuring high level of reliability and reducing fraud related costs.

What card products we support

While plastic cards are still in existence, virtual cards are on the rise, following the shift to e-commerce and Paynetics offers them to both consumer and business. It gives full flexibility to our partner how to structure the product offering to the end the consumer.

With the advent of the mobile, tokenization now plays a major role in the unique value proposition of program managers. Our payment tokenization solution brings transactions to the mobile phone and helps reduce fraud in digital transfers: for each transaction, sensitive details are replaced by dynamic components to secure the transmitted information. By replacing the standard Primary Account Number (PAN) with dynamic elements, tokenization also provides faster check-out experience and ultimately more options for merchants to accept payments. We support both Android and Apple phones. For Android OS we use our proprietary tech build on the basis of Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) protocol. For iOS we support Apple Pay, Paynetics was the first local financial institution to offer Apple Pay in the country.

We are able to offer cards in a wide range of currencies and support multiple currencies. Having this flexibility, coupled with the superior rule settings, allows program managers to craft their programs dynamically and quickly respond on demand.

We support the full range of products – consumer and business; debit, credit, prepaid, gift cards, single use and reloadable.

Card issuance enhanced with additional payment services

At Paynetics card issuing does not stop with the generation of a card. Based on our diverse payment infrastructure, we are able to offer more payment services, which are seamlessly integrated with the card and bring additional value to our partners.

When we issue cards, we can link them to dedicated IBAN accounts, substantially improving the value proposition and creating a range of opportunities for product innovation, improving the economics for both top-ups and pay-outs. We make our physical and virtual cards bankable, which creates a platform for further opportunities for our partners.

Integrating payment cards in our eWallet opens a wide range of possibilities. Our partners can use our adaptable technology to create a payment flow matching your platform’s needs and specifications. This creates an easy, fast, and convenient way to send and receive money.

By combining issuing and acquiring we can help merchants to improve working capital, shorten time to cash, reduce charge backs and ultimately enhance profitability. You can find out more about card acquiring.

For the more established and experienced program managers we offer BIN Sponsorship. BIN sponsorship is the fastest and most convenient way to launch a payment card program, significantly shortening the time to market. A scheme-assigned BIN enables companies with established client base and business model to deploy their own cards or wallets without having a direct membership in the card schemes.

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