Fraud Monitoring

and AML

Offer regulated financial products in Europe and the UK with peace of mind that your end-customers are safe and secure.

Your compliance and customers’

safety is our priority

Operating regulated products is complex. Paynetics is an expert in managing a regulated business and its our role to keep you and your end-customers safe.  We make sure that the products and services designed and operated by you meet the regulatory requirements and conform with local practice. 

Compliance covered

We make sure your model stays up-to the highest standards.

Real time monitoring

Every transaction is being monitored to ensure safety.

Always evolving 

To the ever-changing regulatory requirements and fraud challenges

Fraud Prevention,

Monitoring and Disputes

A key aspect of in the prevention of financial crime is transaction monitoring.  Whether that is within payments acquiring, card issuing or even beyond cards like wire tranfers, open banking transactions, Peer to Peer (P2P) and international transfers – we are experts in transaction monitoring across all channels and types. 

We deploy sophisticated fraud monitoring systems that have the ability in real-time to analyze transactions to determine risk and therefore whether a transaction should be blocked, declined or suspended.  Sadly, we know that every day fraudsters are looking for new ways to attack payments, so Paynetics continues to invest in the latest systems and techniques to ensure account holders funds are kept secure.

As a dual regulated entity and as a principal member of MasterCard and Visa, Paynetics is required to make regular reports on fraud attempts, fraudulent transactions and any suspicious banking transactions.  We are proud that we enjoy some of the lowest rates of fraud in the industry and have consistently, over many years, met the regulatory and scheme standards.

Working With You

Effective product design and a good understanding of customer behavior are valuable weapons in combatting fraud. For example, designing the right degree of friction in an authorization process can significantly improve the likelihood of discouraging attempted fraud.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) has been a major factor in reducing e-commerce and banking payment fraud.  At Paynetics all our programs use SCA to reduce fraud.  Our Embedded Finance Suite is designed to support multiple SCA metods like biometrics, in-App, SMS and email channels to request an end-customer to confirm transaction authorization.  Our consultants will work with you both on initial project set up and on an ongoing basis to help you design the most effective ways of configuring your solution.

Our Card Operations team, proactively work with you to determine the most appropriate setup for each customer group.  Transaction limits, velocity limits, geography, MID codes and post codes are just some of configuration parameters available to allow you to build customer group profiles so that potentially fraudulent transactions can be contained and identified.

Dispute Management

taken care of

Paynetics provides a full Disputes management service for both cards issued and card payments acquired funds. Disputes will occur and the processes to resolve these disputes are laid down by regulation. As a regulated entity and principal scheme member, Paynetics is fully integrated into the automated processes that allow disputes to efficiently managed.  Paynetics has an industry leading success rate in managing disputes due to the experience and knowledge of our Compliance teams.