Program Managers

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Scale quickly across borders with our regulated, digital, payments, technology and compliance infrastructure.

How we address the pain

points of program managers

The last five years have brought tremendous change to the financial world. The advent of technology, the proliferation of the mobile phone and the paradigm shift in consumer behaviour raised the bar for consumer experience to new levels. Consumers are empowered, requesting a superior user experience and ease of use, and experiences is valued much more than traditional banking relationships.

This paradigm shift has changed the rules of engagement for Programme Managers. On one side, they are facing much steeper competition from fintechs, who, fuelled by the availability of venture capital, have been addressing an endless stream of new use cases encroaching on the territory of well-established programme managers. On the other side, Programme Managers feel the pressure of their own client base, where medium and large corporates have embarked on their reinvention journey to include payment and banking services in their core offering

Program Managers are facing increasing and ever more complex challenges

  • Growing regulatory burden, AML, and compliance requirements are becoming omnipresent, requiring programme managers to adapt their business models.

  • Well-funded fintechs are aggressively entering the businesses of traditional programme managers.

  • Needing to fully digitalise any payment position in line with the best in class competitors.

  • Changing consumer behaviour is putting growing demands on the overall user interface and experience.

Paynetics helps Program Managers defend and grow their businesses by offering modular, scalable and upgradable building blocks:

  • Regulatory cover – As an e-money institution passported across the EU, we can power payment and lending products across borders without country-by-country licensing. This allows our partners with a Pan-European strategy to expand and scale up faster andvery quickly start with a POC -test the adoption and performance and quickly scale up after.
  • Rich product suite – we offer one of the widest ranges of payment products in Europe. Dealing with one provider makes it much easier for Programme Managers to enrich their product proposition and to quickly launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and then easily scale up and add additional products as the concept takes off.
  • Omnichannel delivery – to address the range of business models dealt with by Programme Managers by offering three main delivery channels:
    • Pure BIN Sponsorship, where you have the full technical infrastructure and can work with your own processor;
    • Powerful API Hub connectivity where you control the front-end and we take care of all the rest;
    • All-in-one modular White Label where we take care of everything;
  • White label digital payment app  – our digital solution provides flexibility, with the automatic choice of a Mastercard and Visa with built-in enhanced security features and all the functionalities of a debit card and a bank account. It offers dynamic branding and the possibility to switch on and off various features, reducing the time to digitalise your product and enabling quick scaling across borders.


  • Well defined pay-out products  – we offer payouts products specifically designed to support Programme Managers. Payments such as expenses, salaries, bonuses, benefits and compensation can be quickly made in a secure and fully regulated environment. Funds can be defined as owned by the public sector entity (e.g. expenses) or owned by the cardholder (e.g. benefits, compensation, salary).

Why use Paynetics to launch

your fintech proposition?

  • Product innovation – An end-to-end digital process to add cards in ApplePay and Google Pay from your mobile apps. This solution is a game changer, makingcost, effort and maintenance more effcient. We can support your tokenisation with our SDK, or provide the necessary information through APIs for manual enrolment within your app.
  • Security – Banking grade security coupled with sophisticated fraud prevention through tokenisation.
  • Transparency and control – we offer an easy way to manage your programmes through our Card Portal – set up the programme, load cards, monitor card usage and manage all cards in one place, with 100% visibility, control, monitoring and reporting.
  • Account to account payments – аs well as the card payouts, we can fully support various bank transfers and open banking. Paynetics’ BaaS proposition empowers clients to enrich their offerings and applications with scalable payout possibilities. We enable true digital account-to-account (“A2A”) payments, thereby minimising friction costs. With our PISP services– payments are taken directly from a payer’s bank account and sent to a recipient’s bank account instantly.
  • Active Cross-Border solicitation – We have executed massive projects with both VISA and Mastercard, allowing us to issue tokenised cards on country-specific BIN ranges across the whole of Europe. This enables our partners to scale fast by performing active solicitation in all the EU markets based on the card issuing with tokenisation.
  • Value added service – We have worked hard to develop value-added products to help our partners build upon the lower margin payment services:
    • Credit Facilitation – Based on its end-to-end payments capability and mobile banking proposition, Paynetics has developed an attractive offering for facilitating lending to both consumers and corporates. The combination of payment services and the wealth of generated data provides unique insights into the purchase patterns and financial behaviour of the clients, which strengthens and complements the traditional scoring models.
    • Digital assets – We can enable your clients to buy and sell digital assets transparently, working with the most established players in the space.



  • Problem/Challenge

Benamic runs rewards programs for companies fortune 500 companies. They wanted to find a digital solution enabling easy and seamless user engagement.

  • Solution

Paynetics provided virtual branded cards embedded in a plug-and-play mobile application offering Google and Apple Pay enabled prepaid cards as reward incentives. They could scale up the programme across Europe and implement repeated promotions.

  • Problem/Challenge

Swiipr has developed a platform to manage the travel compensation process for airlines like British Airways and Iberia but needed a scalable, economical and pragmatic system to make compensation payments to passengers.


  • Solution

Paynetics provided the capacity to issue cards on the fly through its APIs, easy onboarding, and the ability to pull transaction data for their reporting seamlessly. Once the card issuance product was proven and successful, we further expanded its cooperation to offer bank accounts for their clients.

Paynetics’ fully digital payment process, global distribution ability and proficiency in card tokenisation has helped Swiipr build a compelling product and win important tenders.