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Adcards are a team of marketeers and technology veterans who listened to the online industry for a long time and designed solutions that meet specific needs. Adcards work with several providers to help manage, monitor and fund campaigns in a unique way in the online market.

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AdCards are a team of marketers and technology veterans who listened to the digital advertising industry for a long time and designed specific solutions to meet the needs of this segment. AdCards work with several providers and help them manage, monitor and fund campaigns in a unique way in the digital advertising market; their platform acts like the “glue” between campaigns and the main social media platforms. 

The AdCards platform allows clients to fund and pay for multiple advertising campaigns simultaneously and continuously, ensuring that popular campaigns can deliver profitability to their clients. So far, they have assisted online marketing companies to fund thousands of campaigns and millions of advert impressions.

AdCards needed a strategic partner to work with and to support them with instant, easy and secure issuance of virtual cards in their product, to enable frictionless payments of advertisement campaigns in a fast, cost-effective and convenient way. They needed an agile partner who would be able to turn around solutions quickly to support their high growth trajectory. The ability to top up cards quickly so funds could be made available as part of the brief.

The online and social advertising space has been growing significantly for many years now and Paynetics were keen to support AdCards with their ongoing journey into this space. Paynetics were selected as the Partner to support Adcards so that they could continue the expansion and growth of their innovative platform designed for digital advertising campaigns.



Paynetics is a regulated e-money institution able to passport service across the UK and Europe and provides innovative embedded payment solutions. Paynetics’ Embedded Finance Platform is used by a wide range of partners with diverse business models from high-complexity user flows to more streamlined ones. In the case of Ad Cards, a streamlined solution was required, which needed to be delivered in a fast and flexible way. Ad Cards was able to integrate with Paynetics’ Embedded Finance APIs within an aggressive deadline and achieved a frictionless user experience to meet their business needs.

Although the AdCards platform was established in 2011 it wasn’t until 2019 that the cooperation with Paynetics started. By this time Adcards were a well-established name but needed support in the payments space. Paynetics, being a principal member of Mastercard and VISA and with significant issuing capabilities and easy to integrate embedded finance suite were able to support Ad Cards with their continued growth by offering a solution that would allow fast, cost-effective and convenient ways to make payments, with virtual cards chosen as the method to achieve this.

Paynetics were able to quickly and smoothly onboard the Ad Cards programme and ensure that it was tailored and configured to their business needs. The result is a frictionlessly embedded virtual card solution which has supported Adcards with their specific business needs and allowed for innovative technology solutions delivered by Ad Cards to their clients.



The collaboration between Ad Cards and Paynetics has demonstrated that often integrating financial solutions in a frictionless way can boost efficiency and increase revenue. Offering a solution that has fulfilled a fundamental business need has helped Ad Cards to streamline the way they work with their clients, offering a seamless, cost-effective and streamlined approach to loading cards and making payments. The breadth of functionality which Paynetics offers means that in the future, if AdCards identify additional business needs around Payments, Payentics will be able to support them through its complete payment stack and comprehensive Embedded Finance Suite.

Since the partnership between AdCards and Paynetics commenced, there has been a significant ramp-up in the number of payments being made through the solution which Paynetics has provided. This has supported the growth of AdCards and improved the user experience of clients using their services. Paynetics is proud to continue to support Adcards on its journey and shares its passion for innovative products and services.

Other opportunities are being explored in the acquiring space as Paynetics also provides extensive acquiring capabilities. These opportunities will potentially lead to additional sources of revenue for both Paynetics and AdCards.

To say that Paynetics had a significant impact on our business growth would be an understatement. They were key to our success and we felt their support both from a capability perspective – their solution was second to none in meeting our needs – and from a business team perspective, at all levels. Their innovative technology offering was a perfect match for our intelligent routing and campaign management tools. Their management was also proactive in helping our needs. We have been working for almost five years and it has been a fantastic ride and we look forward to our continuing cooperation!

Alex Dragoi

Partner @ AdCards