Saving you money with our fully functional IBANs

Reduced costs,

same functionality

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an internationally agreed system of identifying bank accounts across national borders, and enables more reliable international money transfer services. As a principal member of SWIFT and SEPA we offer fully functional IBAN accounts with the same facilities as regular bank accounts, while at the same time reducing administrative costs and complexity. Our clients, individual or business, receive a dedicated IBAN for SEPA and international payments. No more virtual IBAN – at Paynetics, we instantly provide you with your own multi-currency IBANs, which are ideal for cross-border payments.


Multi-currency IBANs for cross border payments


Fast, easy, and reliable way to get your own IBAN


Remote account opening

What is the process of

opening an IBAN?

The door is open to get your IBAN in just a few quick steps: our fully-automated digital process, and streamlined, fuss-free paperwork, means you can start sending and receiving international payments in less time. Our partners can create and offer IBANs in their own or their customer’s name, open European and international markets to their customers and expand their business potential.

Opening an IBAN account with Paynetics gives you more:

  • Streamlined, fuss-free process with minimal paperwork
  • Fast, fully-automatic onboarding and quick payment processing.

  • 100% digital – skip the queues and application forms and get up and running in less time

  • Make and receive cross-border bank transfers on your IBAN account
  • No need to open multiple accounts for individual currencies, our IBANs support different currencies in one single account

  • Instant payouts and withdrawals from your business to your personal IBAN

Payment Accounts

in our Embedded Finance Suite

Our Embedded Finance Suite allows our partners to create their payment automatically, with no human interaction required. The API allows you to receive real-time information about transfers and balances. Opening and managing IBANs will enable you to efficiently monitor and manage your payments.

You can issue EUR denominated SEPA IBAN accounts, enabling you to accept instant payments throughout Europe at almost no cost to your customers. For GBP accounts you receive individual account numbers wired to all UK payment payment systems including Faster Payments BACS & CHAPS. Our easy to integrate solution enables you to create user-friendly, compliant, and cost-efficient payment and banking solutions easily.


a Paynetics IBAN account

The use of payment accounts creates a number of advantages for our PSP partners. The merchants use their accounts for directing the settlement proceeds, which speeds up the process and reduces the time to cash. Our PSP partners use the account for settlement with the merchants they manage. Having all the payment solutions in one place increases efficiency and removes friction.

Payment accounts

as a hub for efficient transfers

Our partners use their payments accounts as the hub to manage their payments. We offer convenient and reliable ways to send and receive payments from anywhere and in multiple ways. We support our partners with solutions to improve liquidity, streamline working capital and ultimately reduce costs, safeguarding a secure, flexible, and reliable payment infrastructure. These include bank transfers, eWallet payments, card payments.

Paynetics provides settlements in different currencies and via different payment options. Our clients are able to make a range of transfers or payments: SEPA transfers, International transfers, Internal transfer, Batch payments, Peer-To-Peer, Pay by link, QR Pay, Card Loading, Direct Debit, Payment Card.

Our extensive features and the ability to attach IBANs and account numbers to payment accounts opens a wide range of further possibilities for your business. Our partners can use our adaptable technology to create a payment flow matching thier platform’s needs and specifications. This creates an easy, fast, and convenient way to send and receive money.

When we issue cards, we can link dedicated IBAN accounts to these cards, substantially improving the value proposition and creating a range of opportunities for product innovation, improving the economics for both top-ups and pay-outs. We make our physical and virtual cards bankable, which creates a platform for further opportunities for our partners. On top of issuing cards as our partner you can now send and receive wire transfers globally.



Our IBAN Sponsorship program creates the possibility to bring IBAN accounts to your business quickly and conveniently. As Paynetics is a regulated e-money institution, our partners can perform many of the operations of a financial institution through us, safely and reliably. We empower you to manage your own programs, such as eWallet accounts, without the need for an individual e-money license.

 With our IBAN solutions we open up a range of new and innovative online financial service possibilities for the benefit of everyone in our ecosystem. Our partners, program managers, SMEs or fintechs can now provide their customers with the financial services they need every day – say goodbye to paying the bank extra for financial services.