On the basis of Paynetics infrastructure billbutler was able to launch its digital payment platform and allow its customers to start paying their different household bills from a single interface on their phone or website – a UK market first.

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billbutler is an innovative bill management platform which aims to make household bill management simpler for UK homes. billbutler’s unique offer included:

Centralised bills: present and host the customers different utility bills on a single app or website for the customer to access. One login for all your different bills.

Data insights: extract and present actionable data to customers e.g. bill spend, usage data, contract end dates etc. Help keep customers in control of their different bills more easily.

Automatic comparisons: present money- saving offers to customers without them having to complete lengthy, confusing comparison forms themselves. Our innovative bill-reading technology extracts bill information and does price comparisons on behalf of customers.

billbutler wanted to extend their product offering to include bill payments. Previously, billbutler customers had to go offline to pay their bills either at the bank or with their utility supplier. billbutler made it clear they wanted a frictionless front and back-end payment process that could seamlessly integrate into their existing app and website.



A frictionless back-end and front-end payments experience for billbutler

billbutler mapped out how their customers were currently interacting with the billbutler product on both the app and website. Paynetics then put forward several solutions regarding how customers could pay their bills. Each example was tested with real customers for feedback. From reviewing the feedback and watching them interact with the different solutions, we were able to narrow-down to just one solution. Paynetics went above and beyond to understand the problem we had, put forward different solutions to solve the problem, then help select the best possible solution for our customers and us.

As a principal member of most payment schemes, Paynetics were able to pair its network memberships and wide product range with its white-label digital wallet to offer a tailored solution meeting all requirements of billbutler.

We were happy to support the billbutler concept and make our payment infrastructure available, as it empowers consumers to get better visibility over their utility expenses and puts them in control. We demonstrated our ability to support the innovation needs of fintechs wanting to bring payments convenience to their consumers

Dian Nedelchev

CTO @ Paynetics



Launch the first dedicated utility payment platform in the UK

first in the UK

dedicated utilitiy payment platform

10,000 users

in the first three months

billbutler was able to launch its digital payment platform and start providing financial services to its consumers without having to go through the costly and time-consuming regulatory approvals process themselves. Paynetics also became a valuable consultant in helping deliver a digital wallet solution which would become the default bill payment option for many of our consumers. As an additional feature, billbutler pre-loaded the bank account details of all major utility companies so all users had to do was select the supplier they wanted to pay.

Bill payments gave billbutler even wider involvement in their customer’s bill management journey covering everything from receiving bills, managing bills to now paying bills. billbutler approached a number of digitial wallet providers but none were able to give them the confidence their product was the best solution, until they spoke to Paynetics.

The new solution being offered by billbutler did not go unnoticed. We were approached by a number of respected financial institutions such as ING bank, Compare the Market and VISA to enter programs and win competitions which shared our product development journey and communicate the expertise we had developed to help them and their partner companies innovate too.

We found the billbutler / Paynetics solution could also be extended to SMEs too who want to keep their recurring business costs such as energy, water, broadband etc. down. Often, these fixed costs are considerably higher for SMEs, so there is a good case for SMEs to have a solution where they more easily manage their different bills, pay their bills and receive important reminders such as when contracts are going to expire or if they can save significant amounts of money on their business bills. This solution will give SMEs more time to focus on running their business and less time managing their bills.

We were keen to extend our control and influence over the customers' household bill management process. Paynetics enabled us to offer e-wallets to our customers so they could pay different household bills from their billbutler account. The greater involvement we had in the bill management process embedded us more into our customers' life and enabled us to offer additional complimentary products such as household bill switching. It worked fantastically well for us. Paynetics helped us to innovate our product and offer even more services to our customers

Gurvinder Bassi

CEO @ billbutler