Launch your financial

super app in 8 weeks or less

Pick the features you would like to have, set the pricing plans for your end-customers, and provide us with your brand assets to have your native digital banking app in the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

300,000+ users registered across our white label apps

Focus on driving

business results

We handle the tech stack, the payment services and own risk and compliance, so you can focus on reaching your business goals

Pick the features you’d like

We provide a rich features set. You can choose which ones you would like to enable for your end-users. For each of the features you can set your pricing and promotion rules and even define different pricing plans. Get what you need to support your business needs, no fuss.

Your bespoke branding

The app holds your business’ identity. Your logos, your colours, your way. Our design templates are done give just enough room for your marketing team to make sure your app looks and feels truly yours.

Launch in 8 weeks

In just 8 weeks, your native mobile app will be ready for live testing and upon your call – ready to market under your Appstore and Play Store accounts. Our brand won’t stay in your way.

Rich features set to make

your ideas come true

  • Consumer onboarding

Onboarding consumers is frictionless. 3 to 5 minutes after sending the required documents your uses will be notified of the onboarding result.

  • Payment accounts

Once the customer is onboarded, we automatically open a payment account with dedicated IBAN. Your customers can choose between EUR, GBP, and BGN.

  • Multiple Top-up methods

Enable secure top-ups with card from any Visa and Mastercard issuer on top of inbound transfer top-up.

  • Virtual and physical cards

Your users can have a virtual and a physical debit card and manage their cards via the app. We support both Visa and Mastercard.

  • Apple and Google Pay

Adding cards in Apple and Google Pay is done by a single tap of a button. We have certified the app for in-app provisioning with both Visa and Mastercard.

  • Peer to peer and SEPA transfers

Enable payment requests, sending and receiving instant P2P transfers. Offer SEPA outbound and inbound transfers saved recipients list. Faster Payments and SWIFT are coming soon.

  • Loyalty and rewards

Enable your customers to digitise any plastic loyalty card in their wallet and put it in your app. Enable issuance of loyalty cards within the app with just several taps.

  • Referral program

Fuel your growth while mitigating overspending risks with powerful and highly configurable referral program.

Configurable modes

of operation

Open registration

Users will be able to register at will. The only limitation will be the set of countries you have defined. Once KYC is verified, they will be able to open an account, order their virtual and physical cards and have all features you have selected at their fingertips.

 Usually, this model is used in cases when our partner aims to attract new users via the app channel at scale. Such is the case with the A1 Wallet where Austria telecom wanted to enable even competitor’s subscribers to use their wallet.

Invites only

Only invited users will be able to use your app. You can create users, assign and load cards via our partners portal, API or mass file upload. Your user will receive an invitation email by your template to download your app and get their card there. 

 This mode is perfect for private card programmes. Great example are loyalty programs like the ones run by Benamic for Fortune 500 clients. Employee compensation programs, crew travel cards are among the many other cases served greatly by this mode

My Paynetics

Provides the fastest way to go to market under the invites only model. New programs are onboarded on My Paynetics in a couple of weeks. Your user will be invited to download the My Paynetics app where they’ll be able to link cards with your branding.

In cases where you don’t plan to have more than 5,000 to 10,000 users fast enough or you just need to launch really fast and save on fees this model will serve your needs best.

When you should be

considering a white-label app

Upgrade to fully digital payments

You have a running plastic card programme, or you are just about to launch one. You can always go with plastic cards, but they are expensive, their UX is clunky, and they are not eco-friendly. Launching your app or any type of user interface can easily take precious resources and lots of time to get it right. The white label app resolves all these issues.

Empowered clients: Beanamic

 Social Payouts · Employee Benefits & Payroll · Cash-back and marketing support – Crew Payments

Take your offering to the next level

Your core offering is strong, but complementing it with payments would drive more revenue, customer or employee satisfaction and stickiness. Whether it be disbursing credits in cards with your brand or setting off insurance claims, or paying off freelancers or your gig workforce under your brand, having your branded digital payments will drive results.

Creditors · Insurance Companies · Gig economy

Capitalise on your large customer base

You have a large customer base or the channels to reach such. You are looking for ways to bring more value to them. Tapping into financial services has never been easier.  You don’t need to be an expert, just drive the users and we will take care of everything else.

Empowered clients: Austria Telekom

 Pension Funds · Telecoms · Sport teams