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How we address the pain 

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The last five years have brought tremendous change to the banking sector and the financial sector in general. Consumers have really been empowered, requesting superior user experience (UX) and ease of use. Experiences are valued much more than traditional banking relationships. The technological changes have also highlighted the needs of some of the population which has been left behind by the traditional banking system, creating real opportunities for financial inclusion.

The public sector has faced considerable challenges in adapting to the new environment and meeting new consumer expectations. In order to continue to provide a good service to its clients, the public sector needs to overcome these challenges and come up with solutions that work in a scalable and economic way:

  • Delivering a proper digital experience requires substantial investments, which may not be available within immediate budget allocations;

  • Expertise is of short supply in a highly competitive space;

  • Proliferation of new payment methods necessitates a new approach to payouts;

  • Card issuance has become much more complicated with the universal requirement for card tokenisation;

Paynetics helps the public sector provide payment services that meet the expectations of the digital banking age by offering economical and quick-to-deploy solutions

  • Card issuance  – our API platform ensures a quick onboarding and efficient data exchange. In addition to the fully digital onboarding process, it also covers compliance, risk analysis and monitoring. Card issuing programs are fully customisable to the specific public sector needs.

  • Card tokenisation as the next level in card usage – it has become a must to be able to offer your card in a tokenised form, so that it can be used on a phone. Our technology and process enables users to add cards in ApplePay and GooglePay. For anyone who would like to enable their app with push provisioning this solution is a game changer, delivering significant efficacy in terms of cost, effort and maintenance. We can support your tokenisation with our software development kits or we can provide the necessary information through APIs for manual enrolment within your existing app.

  • Consumer facing app –  we offer a simple white label app that perfectly serves the needs of the public sector. With limited functionality, it delivers the payment service without having the complexity of full fledged banking apps. The My Paynetics App is branded with your logo providing a personalised approach to the cardholder.  Apple Pay and Google Pay can be enabled providing close to real-time distribution of funds.  If the app is used to replace the physical card then this is both more environmentally friendly, as no plastic is produced and sent via the post, and also, a much lower cost as the cost of manufacturing and distributing the card is no longer required.

  • Card portal – we offer an easy way to manage your programs through our Card Portal – set up the program, load cards, monitor card usage and manage all cards under the program. 100% visibility, control, monitoring and reporting.

  • Account to account payments –  in addition to the card payouts, we are able to fully support  various bank transfers and open banking. Paynetics’ BaaS proposition empowers clients to enrich their existing offers and applications with scalable payout possibilities. We enable true digital account-to-account (“A2A”) payments thereby minimizing friction costs. With our PISP services– payments can be taken directly from a payer’s bank account and sent to a recipient’s bank account instantly.

Why use


  • We offer a payouts product specifically designed to support payments from Governments and not-for-profit organisations;

  • Payments such as expenses, salaries, bonus, benefits and compensation can be quickly made in a secure and fully regulated environment;

  • Funds can be defined as owned by the public sector entity (e.g. expenses) or owned by the cardholder (e.g. benefits, compensation, salary);

  • All funds are held under Paynetics’ e-money licences in Europe or the UK;

  • Payments can be made via physical payment cards, virtual cards, bank transfers or using a branded app, with Apple Pay or Google Pay;

  • The Card Portal gives complete control of issuing new cards, loading funds as well as providing spend controls alongside daily transactional and usage monitoring (including blocking certain spend types)

  • The customer facing MyPaynetics App is branded with the client’s logo and provides a personalised approach to the cardholder. Apple Pay and Google Pay can be enabled, providing close to real-time distribution of funds
  • The white label app also provides cardholders with 24/7 real time data on transactions, account balance and spend. If required, it includes an automated KYC process through digital authentication and ID document upload, this provides a better cardholder experience and avoids the need for time consuming preparation of ID & address documents
  • As a regulated entity Paynetics also provides a full reconciliation and settlement services that ensures that all funds are processed in a safe and timely manner