A1 Wallet

Utilising the payment infrastructure of Paynetics, A1 was able to join the fintech revolution and start providing financial services to its clients within 4 months.

What we did for: A1 Wallet

Client and


A1, a leading provider of telecommunication services in Bulgaria, aimed to enhance its product portfolio with digital payments by adding a digital е-wallet. In line with its premium service offerings A1 wanted to give its customers а complete choice of both innovative and standard payment options. However, most of the available digital wallets on the market were not able to provide that.



Holistic approach to payments with an end-to-end payment solution

A1 needed a one stop solution which would allow it to offer financial services to its clients which would normally get such services from a bank. As a principal member of most payment schemes Paynetics was able to pair its network memberships and wide product range with its white-label digital wallet to offer a tailored solution meeting all requirements of A1.

The project with A1 was strategically important to us as we demonstrated our ability to empower companies with large client base to become fintechs and start providing financial services with limited upfront investment.

Valeri Valtchev

Co-founder @ Paynetics



4 months

from signing to launch

full set of digital payment

products for consumers and merchants

A1 was able to launch its wallet within 4 months from signing. Via the A1 Wallet customers can now choose between plastic and virtual cards for online payments. Via the A1 Wallet customers can now choose between plastic and virtual cards for online payments. They can pay with their phones everywhere, including with Apple Pay. The P2P functionality allows instant transfers via IBAN. As an additional feature, consumers can also digitalize and store their loyalty cards in the application turning their phone into a true digital wallet.

The wallet also pioneered QR payments, providing faster settlement and more cost effective way for merchants to accept payments.

Paynetics gave us the ability to offer a wide range of digital financial products in a very short period of time, which allowed us to extend our product portfolio and provide more value to both our consumer and merchant clients.

Alexander Dimitrov

CEO @ A1