Bring your acquiring

to the next level

Built for PSPs and ISOs, our payment acquiring enables Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay & Google Pay acceptance and Mastercard and Visa Direct money transfers.

For those breaking boundaries, we offer the possibility to bank their merchants by adding business payment accounts and commercial cards with instant settlement.

Flawless experience from start

to processing millions daily

Seamless integration

Integrate easily with our well-defined REST APIs

Save the struggle of dealing directly with processors and using their outdated legacy protocols. We have a track-record of clients implementing our APIs for as fast as one day!

Fast merchant onboarding

Merchants onboarding is critical

To speed up your time to value we have developed our Onboarding API to automate it and make the process as efficient as possible. Alternatively, you can onboard customers via a web portal or old-school file sharing.

Multiple payment methods

Offer acceptance of Visa, Mastercard card and Apple and Google Pay

Provide omnichannel experience from e-commerce to accepting payments on the go with software POS and standard physical POS for brick-and-mortar. Sort out pay-outs to peers with Visa Direct and Money Send.

Swift and frictionless pay-outs

Ensure payments on time in EUR, GBP, BGN and USD for your merchants

Pay-outs to some merchant verticals can be tricky. Our own Faster Payments and SEPA rails enable frictionless experience for diverse industries.

We win when

our partners win

Our business model is based on partnership. Rather than being your supplier, we are your partner, sharing risk and profit, aligning our long-term interests.

Risk managed, not avoided

We make no compromise on managing a good charge-back and fraud ratio. We keep your merchants safe by employing our long track record of preventing fraud and processing chargebacks. We take care of all regulatory and compliance activities and require your assistance only when necessary.

Diverse business models

Compliance and legal being our priority don’t mean we say no to good businesses just because of their industry. We serve a wide range of verticals – retail, digital products, Forex, crypto, and many more.

Offer banking

to your merchants

Serving just acquiring from the whole merchants’ payment experience leaves huge value untapped. Provide them stable and reliable banking service and make your solution resonate.

Cards Acquiring

Commercial cards

Payment accounts  and transfers

Cards Acquiring

Commercial cards

Payment accounts  and transfers

Instant settlement

Let your merchants get access to their money right away by enabling them with payment accounts with deducted IBANs and UK account numbers.

Lower acquiring cost

Promote your commercial cards and lower the acquiring cost for your merchants while increasing profit by sharing the interchange with your merchants.

Higher risk appetite

with merchants in certain verticals without increasing exposure