SmartOne offers an ecosystem of software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

What we did for: SmartOne

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SmartOne offers an ecosystem of software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, primarily focusing on enhancing business operations with innovative technologies. Their solutions help entrepreneurs efficiently manage financial operations, enhance customer service quality, and improve business processes. They strive to make innovative technologies accessible to everyone.


Establish partnership with acquiring partner who would be able to support their expansion plan, offering POS and e-commerce transactions processing services. Achieve fast merchant onboarding and immediate merchants’ setup.


To support SmartOne’s needs, we needed to establish an automated onboarding process that would allow immediate onboarding and setup for low-risk merchants. Paynetics handle the merchant review process for the medium and high-risk merchants to ensure smooth and safe onboarding process.


The onboarding process is aligned to meet the needs and specifics of SmartOne’s business to allow the merchants to start live processing with no delay. MID and TID issuance occurs immediately upon submission of required DD documents.

We are excited to partner up with SmartOne to support their expansion plan. Our end-to-end payment solutions will enable fast merchant onboarding and immediate setup for POS and e-commerce transactions.

Valeri Valtchev

CEO @ Paynetics

Our partnership with Paynetics enables us to expand opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses through reliable and innovative POS terminals. Collaborating with Paynetics strengthens our ability to offer advanced financial solutions by integrating payment systems with our POS terminals for more convenient and secure customer service.

Pavel Voloshin

CEO @ SmartOne