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TBI Bank engaged with Paynetics for the development of a new online portal for loan repayment.

What we did for: TBI Bank

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TBI Bank is a next-generation bank whose ambitious goal is to become a true digital bank with a wide range of online and mobile solutions for consumer finance and lending to small and medium-sized enterprises.

The bank was looking to develop multiple ways for clients to repay their loans and were working on an additional digital platform. They needed a financial institution that would be able to power the payments engine behind the platform.



Provide not just a virtual point of sale (VPOS), but a complete customised solution

When we provide financial services, we always look at way to streamline the process and walk the extra mile. In the case of TBI our VPOS was an ideal instrument to create an additional collection channel to give the bank’s clients the opportunity to pay online using cards. But we looked beyond the vPOS and developed additional features. We ensured a direct integration with the online portal, which shows the clients liabilities and ability to pay with a few clicks. This was enhanced with tokenisation services and fully customised payment page for both web and mobile. The final product gives TBI the opportunity to be part of the global trend of increased digital payments.

Our mission is to be a partner of our clients and we go to great lengths to understand their business needs. The project with TBI Bank is a proof of how a customised Virtual POS solution could be a core part of a strategic project for a digital bank. The small details make the big differences

Kaloyan Tonchev

CFO @ Paynetics



Еstimated 20% reduction

in collection improvement

Power a digital platform

for loan repayment

20% reduction

in collection expenses

TBI Bank has become one of the first banks in the country to accept cards for loan repayments. The convenient user journey has improved the loan collection, whilst the introduction of online payments has significantly reduced the cost of collection. The introduction of the online payment portal has also strengthened the bank’s loan proposition attracting new clients looking for digital products with superior user experience.

Providing seamless digital solutions to our customers has been the focus of our work in the past three years. However, most recently we have intensified our efforts as we wanted to provide them with a secure online repayment method. We are extremely happy that teaming up with Paynetics, our team was able to create such a user-friendly platform

Georgi Galtchin

Chief Digital Transformation Office @ TBI Bank