Swiipr partners with Paynetics to revolutionise travel disruption compensation

Published: December 7, 2021

Swiipr, the only company to offer a complete digital journey for travel disruption payments, has partnered with Paynetics to issue on-the-spot welfare and compensation payments to passengers. The solution is currently being used by several airlines.

LONDON, United KingdomSwiipr, the fast growing fintech that is disrupting the travel industry, has partnered with Paynetics, the regulated e-money services provider, for the issuance of its innovative airline payment products.

Paynetics is enabling this groundbreaking mobile-first platform to issue instant welfare and compensation payments through digital payment cards on mobile devices.

Swiipr is a technology company that is fundamentally transforming the way that airlines alleviate the effects of travel disruption for their passengers. They offer a complete digital journal for travel disruption payments. The company minimises the stress and uncertainty associated with travel disruption for all those involved – including passengers, airlines, retailers, and accommodation providers.

Together, Swiipr and Paynetics are addressing a growing demand from airlines for a better way to handle travel disruption through digital technologies. Swiipr’s card and mobile solutions that are already being used by several airlines fulfills the need for a simpler more efficient way of managing travel compensation that has been further accelerated by the pandemic.

CEO of Swiipr Tara Spielhagen Hale said: “Our offering is the first of its kind in the airline industry, so it was important that we had the right payment partner. Paynetics have been the ultimate collaborators, providing the flexibility and innovation needed to support our digital airline products. Not only that, but their innovative solutions are able to support the future state of mobile first solutions demanded by airlines and customers. Providing more instant, seamless, self-service experiences.”

Mike Peplow, CEO at Paynetics said: “We are thrilled to have partnered with Swiipr to enable the issuance of its airline products. They are revolutionising the way the airline industry handles travel disruptions, offering instant, hassle-free mobile payments for passengers. Airlines want to offer the best service to customers particularly when travel disruptions occur. The days of having to deal with long queues of frustrated passengers following a flight cancellation, disruption or delay are over. And we are proud to be along this journey with Swiipr.”

Swiipr’s platform is at the forefront of innovation in this sector, instantly handling all administration and reconciliation procedures for airlines and retailers. It removes the costs, delays and complexities associated with old legacy procedures. The platform provides airlines with the ability to load and issue virtual or physical cards in real time, globally at the Point of Problem and on-the-go. Providing them with the flexibility to quickly respond to the fast moving events and incidents affecting day to day air travel.

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About Paynetics
Founded by financial sector veteran Ivo Gueorguiev and serial entrepreneur Valeri Valtchev, Paynetics is an e-money institution, providing end-to-end payment services across the UK, European Union and globally. We are principal members of Mastercard, VISA, UnionPay International, SWIFT and SEPA, and can offer both IBAN’s and UK Sort Codes. Paynetics meets the complex payment and Banking as a Service needs of its B2B and B2B2C customers safely in one place, including card acceptance and issuance, across mobile and ewallet, online, digital and physical cards, and POS channels. Our award-winning technology makes Paynetics easy to work with while offering some of the most sophisticated digital solutions based upon tokenization such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Please find more information at paynetics.digital and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @PayneticsAD

About Swiipr
Swiipr is a dynamic UK-based fintech on a mission to fundamentally transform the way that airlines alleviate the effects of travel disruption to minimise stress and uncertainty for their passengers. It is the only company to offer a complete digital journey for travel disruption payments with smooth and effortless functionality, also benefiting retailers and accommodation providers in addition to passengers and airlines. Its groundbreaking mobile-first platform issues on-the-spot welfare and compensation payments to passengers through mobile devices or more traditional methods and carries out all administrative procedures for airlines and retailers instantly and transparently, helping to transform legacy disruption processes and prepare airlines for the future state. Swiipr has created a genuine win-win situation for all and answers a travel industry-wide need to restore confidence by embracing digital solutions and reducing physical contact points. Its management team has decades of leadership experience in airline operations, fintech, mobile, travel and media.

For more information, go to swiipr.com or contact Tara Spielhagen, CEO, at tara@swiipr.com