Pay by Vivacom

Vivacom collaborated with Paynetics to adopt its broad payment infrastructure and to become the next success story on the fintech scene.


Pay by Vivacom

What we did for Vivacom

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Client and Brief

VIVACOM is an industry-leading communications services provider with more than 4 million customers and a network of 230 outlets throughout the country. From its foundation as Bulgaria’s first telecoms operator the company has become one of the main providers of high-tech services that support a modern and dynamic economy.

Vivacom’s mission is to offer personalized services that reflect their customers’ needs and to achieve that the company often follows an out-of-the-box approach to developing and providing innovative technological solutions. It considered it of strategic importance to enter the fintech space and to be able to provide a full range of digital payment products to its clients. Since it is not a financial institution it was looking for a combination of Software and Payment as a Service.

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Our Strategy

The advent of interoperable wallets

Pay by Vivacom

Paynetics had already empowered phyre and A1 with their digital wallets. Our holistic approach to payments with an end-to-end solution was a natural fit with the desire of Vivacom to have a one stop solution. We paired our payment schemes memberships and wide product range with our white-label digital wallet to offer a tailored solution to meet the requirements of Vivacom. But we took it a step further – we built a common platform, allowing all the wallets powered by Paynetics to be interoperable. This allows customers of one wallet to interact with members of another wallet in the same way as if they were part of the same wallet, creating substantial additional value for both consumers and merchants.

“With Pay by VIVACOM, we laid the foundation of our network of interoperable wallets. As digital payments grow and the wallets become an important part of the payment ecosystem, the question arise of how the individual wallets will interact with each other. We have come up with an answer - our network has made it simple, creating a lot of additional value for all participants“

Pay by Vivacom

Ivo Gueorguiev

Chairman @ Paynetics

The Impact

Offer a wide range of financial services in 3 months

3 months

from signing to launch

a digital payment network

of interoperable wallets

Vivacom launched its wallet within only 3 months from signing. In addition to having the luxury of plastic cards, Pay by VIVACOM customers enjoy paying contactless with their phones at any POS terminal and online. They get IBAN accounts and can perform their usual banking activity from the wallet with unrestricted bank transfers. Consumers can also digitalize and store their loyalty cards and optimize their weekly and monthly budget with the Expense Manager. With the QR payments, Pay by VIVACOM offered faster settlement and a more cost-effective way for its merchant clients to accept payments.

But most importantly, Pay by VIVACOM became part of a growing network of interoperable wallets to include A1 and phyre, which has given much more flexibility to its clients as users of the different wallets benefit from the same features and efficient payment mechanisms.

“Providing financial services to our clients is of strategic importance to us. Paynetics was able to offer a compelling package of both software and payment services. Its wide product range and short time to market was of crucial importance. “


Atanas Dobrev


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