Money 2030 Virtual roundtable on 7th July 2022

4 minutes

The next frontier – bringing the benefits of embedded finance to the SMEs.

For our fourth series of events on the future of fintech and financial services, we will be looking into how we bring the benefits of embedded finance to the SMEs.

Embedded finance is undoubtedly transforming the financial services industry, but SMEs are currently underserved when it comes to financial services as they struggle with access to loans, onboarding and integrating payments systems. SMEs account for over 90% of businesses in the UK and form the backbone of the European economy accounting for over half of Europe’s GDP. They therefore present a huge opportunity.

At our upcoming Money 2030 event, which will take place on Thursday, 7th July 2022, from 12:00 to 1:30pm BST, we will be delving into the impact embedded finance will have on SMEs and how this will affect the future of the financial services industry. The event will feature companies, experts, and advisors from across a number of sectors, addressing the extent to which by 2030, SMEs will be using embedded finance to their advantage.

You will hear from:

  • Businesses who work regularly with SMEs and understand their needs
  • Advisors who are actively working in this space
  • Fintech and technology companies who are building the platforms that are enabling this innovation

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Laura McCracken, MD, eCommerce & Payments – Global Industry Lead at Accenture
  • Arif Babayev, Founder of DNA Payments
  • Emma Mills, Vice President Enterprise Partnerships at Mastercard
  • With more speakers to be announced…

This event will be held virtually via Zoom video conference, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions of our speakers and discuss the future of fintech and financial services in a secure online round-table format.

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