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Payment data


Payment transactions need to be executed expediently to ensure speedy, reliable and user friendly payment flow. But payment data can be used in a variety of ways to bring additional value for merchants, for consumers and for other companies in the payments ecosystem. Currently almost all of the payment data merchants generate remains unused. To unlock the wealth potential of transaction data, we have built a set of value adding products, helping our partners leverage on their payment data.

Below we detail just some of the services that are possible when you utilize the power and potential that is currently locked away inside payment data.

We help our partners to drive customer retention and boost sales through loyalty and automated marketing. Reward programs include points, cashback and virtual punch cards which, coupled with pre-defined marketing campaigns, increase customer engagement.

We empower consumers and SMEs and put them in control of their utility bills with our powerful utility bills and expense management platform, which is integrated with comparison engines and saves users money by finding the best deals and switching.


Loyalty programs and pre-defined marketing campaigns increase customer engagement


Fully digitised reward programs - points, virtual punch cards, vouchers, offers and cashback


Powerful utility bills and expense management platform

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Feature rich loyalty program for the SME

Paynetics is about providing end-to-end payment solutions to merchants and democratizing payments along the way. We have a deep understanding of the needs and pain points of smaller merchants. Paynetics has teamed up leading providers to offer a pragmatic and efficient loyalty solution specifically designed for the needs of small and medium sized merchants. The resulting product is feature rich but requires no upfront investment from merchants.
We enable SME retailers to run their own enterprise-grade, easy-to-implement rewards program that brings tangible results. The benefits we bring to our partners clients with our loyalty solution include:

  • Easy-to-understand rewards - with customers in mind, we avoid complicated point schemes, paper punch-cards and plastic. The loyalty solution is 100% digital, simple and effective.
  • Superior usability - our solutions take minutes to set-up and run, but provide complex rewards and marketing functionality under the hood
  • Automated marketing – we have predefined a number of marketing campaigns addressing different segments of a merchant’s client portfolio, ready at the “click” of a mouse! All the merchant needs to do is define a few parameters and press the “send” button – communication around customer offers then get delivered to thousands of clients in seconds.
  • Clear business impact - our analytics dashboard clearly shows to merchants how much extra business and money their loyalty members bring
  • Superb customer service - Our team is here to help you grow your business. We provide free onboarding sessions, help materials and tons of advice.

Оur loyalty and rewаrds product includes:

  • Digitised loyalty cards: Users do not need to carry plastic cards anymore
  • Customer analytics: Helping merchants understand their customers’ behavior based on real purchase data across various market verticals
  • Comprehensive dashboard: Enables merchants to monitor program performance
  • Digital vouchers: Let merchants activate existing and get new customers with 100% measurable digital vouchers with superior UX
  • Cashback system: Merchants can utilize a flexible cashback program which is designed to drive repetitive visits while decreasing discount cost
  • Coalition loyalty: Enables different merchants to group together and offer joint rewards

Utilities and expense management payment platform

For our partners with a B2C and B-to-SME proposition, we offer a comprehensive utilities and expense management payment platform, which can be easily integrated in mobile payment and eWallet solutions. Over 40% of household income is now spent on running costs and these are significant costs for SMEs as well. Different formats, direct debits, online delivery and multiple password requirements makes tracking bills difficult. A lack of transparency over bills prevents consumers and SMEs from better managing their household finances and getting the best deals in the market.

The platform provides a single point of payment for multiple bills as well as a fast and efficient payment of bills – no need to call suppliers or wait in long queues at banks. Users can pay bills whenever, wherever instantly. This provides an alternative to existing direct debit payers who want a simpler way of managing bills and more control over payments. Our solution empowers consumers and SMEs by providing transparency and control over their bills, allowing them to:

  • Access all bills on a simple dashboard, anytime, anywhere – thus reducing the time spent on admin
  • Track spending and usage across suppliers - review bills and trends and use analysis to make savings
  • Get the best deal on the market based on individual consumption pattern – automatic search of the market for the best deal and seamless switching
  • Pay bills on the go - pay bills but also send and request money between flatmates, friends or homes with multiple occupants
  • Automated reminders of upcoming events, contract expiry, required renewals

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